2021 Fall Plant Sale

This year's Fall Plant Sale will begin on October 6 and run through October 23. Ordering will take place online and curbside pick-ups will be scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during the sale. We will contact you after your order is processed to schedule a pick-up appointment.

See the table below for a list of the trees, shrubs, seed packets, and bulbs we will be offering. We have a limited number of trees and shrubs, so shop early if you'd like to take some home this year!

Your purchase supports our native plant nursery and the production of plant material and seeds used to restore wildlife habitat in the greater Mt. Pisgah area.

Latin name Common name               
Allium amplectans slim leaf onion Su M, W
Seed Packets      
Aquilegia formosa red columbine PS D, M
Calandrinia ciliata red maids Su M
Clarkia amoena sp. lindleyi Lindley's clarkia Su D
Clarkia purpurea purple godetia Su D
Collomia grandiflora large-flowered collomia Su M
Eriophyllum lanatum Oregon sunshine Su, PS D, M
Geum macrophyllum largeleaf avens PS, Sh M, W
Madia elegans showy madia Su, PS D
Plagiobothrys figuratus fragrant popcorn flower Su D, M
Plectritis congesta rosy plectritis Su M
Potentilla gracilis slender cinquefoil Su, PS M, W
Prunella vulgaris v. lanceolata native heal all Su, PS M, W
Trees and Shrubs      
Amelanchier alnifolia Saskatoon serviceberry Su, PS D
Berberis aquifolium Oregon grape Su, PS, Sh D
Holodiscus discolor ocean spray Sh, PS D, M
Oemleria cerasiformis osoberry PS D
Philadelphus lewisii mock orange Su, PS D
Physocarpus capitatus Pacific ninebark Sh, PS D, M
Rhamnus purshiana cascara Su, PS D
Rosa pisocarpa cluster rose PS M, W
Rubus parviflorus thimbleberry PS M, W
Spiraea douglasii Douglas spirea Su, PS M, W
Symphoricarpos albus common snowberry PS, Sh D, M
Viburnum ellipticum Oregon viburnum PS, Sh D

       *Su=Full sun; PS=Part Shade; Sh=Shade; D=Dry; M=Moist; W=Wet