Acer circinatum Vine maple

maple, vine (Acer circinatum)

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Description Vine maple, although not really a vine, has very slender, often sprawling branches that create dense thickets underneath the shade of taller conifers. The trunks have bright, reddish-green bark, topped with foliage displayed in an elegant, tiered pattern. This handsome ornamental is dramatically colored in most seasons with bright green foliage turning orange and red in autumn, purple and white flowers in spring, and red fruit in summer. Seeds are consumed by songbirds, game birds, and large and small mammals. Vine maple is important for native pollinators and serves as a host plant for the western tiger swallowtail butterfly. Generally pest and disease free.
Plant Type Deciduous large shrub to small tree.
Flower Color Red and white.
Bloom Period March-May.
Height at Maturity 20-25'
Plant Spacing 10-20'
Light Requirements Sun to shade.
Moisture Needs Medium.
Soil Type