Carex densa Dense sedge

sedge, dense (Carex densa)

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Dense sedge grows as an evergreen, compact grass-like tuft. Prefers open, seasonally moist areas. Chunky seed heads rise above the dense leaf blades on slender stalks up to 2.5' tall. Foliage slowly spreads to form small clumps. Useful for smaller gardens as a a sedge that doesn’t spread super vigorously. Good as a rain garden or bioswale plant. Tolerates summer drought in somewhat heavier soils. Deer resistant.

Plant Type Perennial.
Flower Color Green, brown.
Bloom Period June.
Height at Maturity 18-28".
Plant Spacing 18-24"
Light Requirements Full sun, part shade.
Moisture Needs Moderate to high.
Soil Type

 Moist to wet. Tolerate seasonal flooding.