Coastal (Hooker's) Willow  Plot (Salix hookeriana)

Coastal (Hooker's) Willow Plot (Salix hookeriana)

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Description Multi-stemmed large shrub with a rounded broad crown that can form bushy thickets. Young leaves and twigs are covered in a thick soft white hair. The shiny dark green leaves are oval-shaped with wavy edges and pale below.
Plant Type Deciduous shrub.
Flower Color Flowers appear as hairy catkins before or as leaves emerge. 
Bloom Period March - April
Height at Maturity 15-25 ft
Plant Spacing 7-10 ft
Light Requirements Sun to part shade.
Moisture Needs High.
Soil Type

Moist to wet soil, prefers coastal conditions. Can be used as a restoration plant or soil erosion control in wet sites.