Elymus glaucus Blue wildrye

rye, blue wild (Elymus glaucus)

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Blue wild rye is an attractive, blue-green bunch grass growing as tall as 5' and spreading to 12-24".  The flower spikes turn golden brown in the summer and make an impressive show as they wave in the breeze. A popular accent grass for the garden and also used in restoration projects. Tolerates cold to -15° F. Attracts birds, bees and butterflies and is host the Woodland Skipper butterfly and Chytonix moth. Deer resistant. Tolerates mowing if not cut too short. Irrigate no more than twice in summer once established.

Plant Type Perennial bunch grass.
Flower Color Brown.
Bloom Period May-July.
Height at Maturity 48-60".
Plant Spacing
Light Requirements Full sun, part shade.
Moisture Needs Low. High drought tolerance.
Soil Type

 Moist to dry, loam to clay, well-drained. Tolerates a wide variety of soils.