Koeleria macrantha Prairie junegrass

junegrass (Koeleria macrantha)

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Description Junegrass is a cool season, clump-forming, tufted bunch grass. The long, tapered inflorescenses rise above the blades and are especially attractive as they turn from green to silver. In the garden prairie Junegrass self-seeds and is well suited to massing and naturalizing. One of the first grasses to green up in early spring, it goes dormant in the summer and is best mixed with other grasses.
Plant Type Perennial.
Flower Color Light green.
Bloom Period May-June.
Height at Maturity 12-14"
Plant Spacing 18"
Light Requirements Full sun.
Moisture Needs Dry to medium. Tolerates drought.
Soil Type Various. Thrives in rocky or gritty soils. Needs superior drainage.