Rumex salicifolius Willow dock

dock, willow (Rumex salicifolius)

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Description Rumex salicifolius is a perennial herb producing a slender stem which is prostrate and spreading or erect, growing up to about 90 centimeters in maximum length. The leaves are up to about 13 centimeters long and can be most any shape. The inflorescence of this plant is an interrupted series of clusters of flowers. There are up to 20 flowers in each cluster, and each flower hangs from a pedicel. It is an important food and host plant for Lycaena rubidus larvae. This plant usually is green colored with hints of pink and red.
Plant Type Perennial.
Flower Color White, blue.
Bloom Period April-June
Height at Maturity 1-3'
Plant Spacing 1-3'
Light Requirements Sun to part shade.
Moisture Needs Moist to wet.
Soil Type