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Scrophularia lanceolata Lanceleaf figwort

figwort, lanceleaf (Scrophularia lanceolata)

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Lanceleaf figwort isn't a very showy flower, but pollinators love it. Figworts are among the most prolific nectar producers in the plant world. The plants can look weedy with tall, gangly flower stalks and fairly inconspicuous urn-shaped flowers. Often found in open woods, thickets, along roadsides, railroad right aways and in open fields, it tolerates shade and wet conditions while attracting birds, butterflies, moths and wasps.

Plant Type Perennial forb.
Flower Color Green, red.
Bloom Period May-July.
Height at Maturity 6'.
Plant Spacing 24-36"
Light Requirements Part sun, shade.
Moisture Needs Moderate.
Soil Type

 Sandy, well-drained.