Nurturing and Restoring Lands in the Greater Mt. Pisgah Area since 1989

The Friends believe that people and nature are intertwined. We’re a self-funded non-profit of nearly 1,000 members and volunteers investing our time, talent, and money so people and nature can thrive together in the Greater Mt. Pisgah Area.

Join with us to steward habitat, enhance recreation and nurture over 100 native plant species in our nursery.

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Native Plant Propagation

Friends' native plant nursery is a unique treasure trove of biodiversity and a vital resource for habitat enhancement and restoration practitioners across the upper Willamette valley. Nursery supporters ensure the sustainability of that work through their investment.

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Compatible Recreation

Friends plans, builds and maintains trail in Lane County's largest and most-visited park, receiving over a half-million visits per year. Friends promotes opportunities for recreation while preserving the healthy habitats our communities need more than ever.

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