rush, slender (Juncus occidentalis)
Juncus occidentalis Slender rush
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rush, slender (Juncus occidentalis)

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Description Juncus occidentalis is a species of rush known by the common name western rush. Native to the western United States, it grows in wet areas in many types of habitat, often in a nook or cranny that is seasonally wet in winter and dry in summer. This is a bunching perennial herb with thin, stiff stems reaching maximum heights between 1 to 2 feet. A very nice looking plant that should meet the needs of those of you that want the grass look without looking like dead grass. Very attractive ornamental with dark green shiny foliage and distinctive flower/fruit clusters. Tolerates seasonal flooding. 
Plant Type Perennial.
Flower Color Brown.
Bloom Period Spring.
Height at Maturity 1'
Plant Spacing 6"-1'
Light Requirements Sun.
Moisture Needs Moist to wet in winter, dry in summer.
Soil Type

Loam or clay.