saxifrage, Oregon (Micranthes oregana)
Micranthes oregana Oregon saxifrage
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saxifrage, Oregon (Micranthes oregana)

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Description Oregon saxifrage grows as a basal rosette with clusters of small white flowers dotting a tall stem. An important early season nectar source for many native pollinators. It prefers wet--even waterlogged--soils in winter and spring. Because Oregon saxifrage goes dormant in summer it can withstand dry summer soils.

Plant Type Perennial.
Flower Color White.
Bloom Period Spring-early summer.
Height at Maturity 12"-48"
Plant Spacing 12"
Light Requirements Sun to part shade.
Moisture Needs Wet, tolerates summer drought.
Soil Type

Most types with adequate winter and spring moisture. Tolerates water-logged soils.